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In all areas of life important decisions are based on the results of chemical quantitative analysis. One of the fundamental principles of valid, cost effective analytical measurement is comparability of analytical results.

r-concept is an independent organisation that provides inter-laboratory tests for analytical laboratories. The inter-laboratory tests are designed to show how the results from an individual laboratory compare with those of other participants.

The test scheme is based on international accepted documents as ISO-Guide 43-1. The sample material is divided into individual samples, of which some are selected at random for homogeneity tests prior to the sample dispatch. Each participant receives a set of samples and analyses samples with a free choice of methods and parameters. Two weeks after receipt of samples, analytical results are submitted and subjected to statistical analysis.

About two weeks after receipt of analytical results, the laboratories that have produced suspect results are informed about their results. About six weeks later each participant is confidentially advised of their own performance and on the anonymous group results, together with statistical evaluations, where possible, of the individual methods.

current topics and dates of the inter-laboratory tests are represented on the following pages.


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